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Being out and proud is sadly a privilege in our country and this is a smallest and most subtle way of putting yourself out there and creating a safe space for yourself in our intolerant society.
My idea behind creating cutie-pride comes from my love for embracing little things. I want this little cutie to keep you company at all times, making you feel proud each time you wear it - as a reminder to yourself and the world of how far you've come being a queer person or an ally.


Elevate your LGBTQIA pride with our adorable Queer Rainbow Lapel Pin, a vibrant and expressive accessory that allows you to wear your identity with pride. This lapel pin is not just cute; it's a symbol of love, inclusivity, and self-acceptance. Crafted with care, it boasts the iconic rainbow design, making it the perfect addition to your attire, bag, or accessory collection. Ideal for LGBTQIA individuals and allies, this pin is a statement of unity and a celebration of love in all its beautiful forms.

With its captivating colors and striking design, this Queer Rainbow Lapel Pin is the ultimate expression of LGBTQIA pride. Order yours today and proudly display your support for the community while adding a touch of color to your everyday style. Don't miss the chance to wear your identity with confidence and show the world that love knows no boundaries.

Cutie-Pride Queer Gay Lapel Pin

SKU: SHP00016
Expected delivery by 19th March (Official Launch Date)
  • Size: 1 inch

    Finish: Gold coloured plating

    Type: Lapel Pin

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